Saturday Sippin’ on Tea…

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It’s Saturday evening and I am drinking some Moroccan Mint Tea, smelling some Eucalyptus leaves, and listening to Housefires.

The evening started with reading some more chapters in Taylor Lyall’s book, Humble Walk: Lessons from a Simple Man Following Jesuswhile I waited for my water to boil for my mint tea. And in that time, the Holy Spirit gave me the biggest, deepest hug I’ve had in awhile. I don’t know how to explain it exactly. It’s like all of my barriers and walls I’ve built around me (that I didn’t know I had) just fell and He swept me up and told me that He loved me. It was vulnerable. It was raw. It brought me tears. And then I just started singing to God. It started with “Good Good Father” from Housefires and then it just moved into my own words of praise and worship.

I am not sure if my landlord below heard me, and I do apologize if he did because it wasn’t necessarily pretty to human’s ears. It had a lot of broken words, sobs, and sounds I didn’t know I could make, but I know it was beautiful to my Father.

Sometimes I am so desperate for God and other times I am not. I wish I were more desperate for Him. I wish I actively sought out those healing hugs. Instead, I spend so much of my time rejecting Him either because I don’t feel like I am worthy or because I think I don’t need Him — both are so incredibly wrong and damaging. I am thankful for the moments when God pushes my sin out of the way and shows me, loudly and plainly, the depth and width of His love. It’s so powerful. It’s so real. It’s so… beautiful.

I write this post so that you would be encouraged. You have a God who is desperately pursuing you; who loves you despite of your sin and rejection of Him. He loves you. And He won’t stop loving you. Embrace His love tonight.



A Dream of Alien Zombies, Baguettes, and the Predator…

I know nobody cares about other people’s dreams.

So you can just breeze pass this post. I just had to share my insane, rich, dream that I still can’t stop thinking about. I am sure it’s my brain processing all the images I saw at Wizard World this weekend.

I was at my parent’s house in the garage. The garage door was open and there was a large fridge filled with homemade baguettes and sushi.

Zombie-like aliens were running up to my yard and I was throwing the bread at them as if it was keeping them from eating me.

A human ran into my house, so I ran after him, to find him in my shower. I threw Sriracha on his face and then he laughed, and I laughed, and then I ran back outside to throw more bread.

When I got out there all the bread had been taken and the Predator was out there running toward my house. I took the sushi and chucked it across my lawn and then ran and closed my garage door – this not only added a barricade but created a force field around my house.

I went inside and found the guy inside my house, afraid that I would throw something at him again. I motioned him to follow me down into the secret basement – the entry way under the couch. He asked me why I was feeding the aliens and I told him the baguettes were actually laced with poison. It was part of a larger plan to eradicate the alien species. I grabbed my walkie-talkie and let the person on the other end know that the Predator was outside. He said he would take care of him and I looked at the human and apologized for the Sriracha .

The end.